Ideal for pre-carriage, on-carriage and everything in-between.

CTS is situated in the heart of the industrial Rhineland region, the ideal location for pre-carriage and on-carriage routes. More than 70 per cent of the traffic volume is processed within a radius of 35 kilometres, whilst urgent containers are taken overnight by rail to the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven ("Albatros" system) and to Rotterdam ("Cologne-Düsseldorf Express" system).


Large numbers of containers are transported by barge from Cologne to the Benelux ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp within the prescribed schedule of around 16 hours. Inland waterways thus offer a sensible alternative to direct truck routes to and from sea ports. Those who nevertheless wish to use the roads can make use of an extensive fleet of network trucks with customized models running a 24-hour shuttle service.

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